Solidarity Mobility & Inclusion: Foundation PSA and Emmaüs France publish the first results of the measurement of social value of their project “Shared Mobility”

  • Creation of a platform dedicated to car sharing and carpooling for workers in inclusion  in rural areas
  • 22% of users say they are unable to travel alone
  • 70% of users do not have a driver’s license

“Launched in 2019, in Les Deux-Sèvres at Les Ateliers du Bocage, this project provides a simple multimodal solution to daily commuting for Emmaüs workers in inclusion. The first results of this social value study show that “Shared Mobility” facilitates access to and maintenance in employment for more than 74% of users and strengthens territorial dynamics by involving private and public stakeholders in the region, » said Karine Hillaireau, General Delegate of Fondation PSA.

“Mobility is a real problem in the reintegration pathways. The experiment conducted at Les Ateliers du Bocage is very encouraging. It has a strong social impact on employment and shows that investing collectively in the creation of shared and solidarity mobility means generates many economic benefits for the territory. Emmaüs France wishes to capitalize on this experience and is now launching a similar experiment in a second location of inclusion of the Movement: Emmaus Action Ouest.,” said Valérie Fayard Executive Director of Emmaus France.

Shared Mobility” is a project co-built by Fondation PSA and Emmaüs Innove, the innovation hub of Emmaüs France, which develops integrated mobility solutions, adapted to the areas needs and economically balanced in order to support employee’s integration. The lack of mobility is a significant barrier for 80% of them to seek employment. To meet the different needs of users, Emmaüs has implemented several solutions: carpooling, car sharing and rental of electric bicycles. All these services are available directly on a platform created specifically for this project. Driver training completes this system to help workers in inclusion working towards autonomy.

The 2019 social value study by Ellyx and Goodwill Management shows that this mobility solution, built in coordination with the territorial partners, is an asset for stakeholders. For example, 95% of users say that this new device contributes to their well-being at work. Similarly, businesses on the territory are using this new sharing mobility solution to facilitate their recruitment. They have recruited 27 employees over the period observed. Finally, for the territory, it is a customized and sustainable mobility solution because it promotes the transport sharing.

Image courtesy of Groupe PSA

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