Shakeup In Tesla Sales Leadership In Germany

As Tesla has grown, it has shifted from a single Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Service* to regional chiefs of sales.

Philipp SchroederPhilipp Schroeder, who has been Tesla’s head of sales in Germany, just announced that he was headed back to work for former employer Sonnenbatterie (a stationary battery storage company), and Tesla is reportedly filling his shoes by Switzerland head of sales Jochen Rudat at the head of Germany (h/t electrek).

With tough cultural bias and competition from BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, and Audi, Tesla has admittedly struggled in one of the largest economies and car markets in the world. Meanwhile, it is at the head of the market in (admittedly rich) Switzerland, so maybe Jochen Rudat can bring some of his magic across the board and get more Teslas flying into German garages.

Of course, better electric car incentives from Germany would also help.

*Jerome Guillen, who is currently taking a leave of absence that seems to partly be related to the demanding job of answering to Elon Musk.

Image via LinkedIn

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