Return To TSLA Or Stick With NVDA Shares?

Originally published on TeslaMondo.

You may recall TeslaMondo divested its Tesla shares and replaced them with Nvidia shares, with the intent of returning to TSLA upon Part II of the Model III unveiling. Well, Part II turned out to be a general announcement about autonomous hardware. Nice, but not the Part II everyone was expecting. So when will the REAL reveal happen? Let’s assume in the spring.

This poses a dilemma. Should TeslaMondo return to TSLA or stick with NVDA even through the Model III unveil? Which stock has the strongest legs for 2017?

TSLA: It has staged a convincing comeback from the sub-200 catacombs, and looks to be building momentum going into the anticipated Year of Grand Fruition, when the great Master Plan Part I culminates in the Earth-altering Model III and the assimilation of solar products to silence the dirty EV argument. The start of 2017 seems like a good entry point as these new climactic chapters begin.

NVDA: It’s an octopus that has every one of its tentacles wrapped around something juicy: gaming, autonomous driving, machine learning, big data processing, crabs, polychaete worms, clams and whelks by also adding cpu power by looking into cpu reviews. The stock is going cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs as lay investors by the thousands start to understand Nvidia’s uniquely nuclear position in so many important branches of emerging tech, especially this new “deep learning” thing. This company is welded firmly in the right intersection at the right time, and so is TeslaMondo:


Why leave a place where you can lounge around while girls fan you with palm leaves and feed you grapes? It sure beats riding shotgun with sweaty ol’ Don Quixote Musk. But maybe this decadence will wear thin after a while. After all, what fun is notching multi-thousand-dollar gains every day? What fun is pondering this Lotus Elise as a replacement for the Toyota Mr2 Spyder in the driveway, despite your wife, children and all rational thought?

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2 thoughts on “Return To TSLA Or Stick With NVDA Shares?

  1. From a journalistic perspective, I’d think you’d want to avoid trading in stocks of companies you cover, at all. No?

  2. it’s dumb to SHORT either stock. I have them both and already made a lot and I look forward to making more money while helping the most environmental and foreward looking company in the USA.

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