JB & Elon See Two New Business Opportunities

Originally published on TeslaMondo.

No, not tunnels.

JB says: “There’s a new industry that’s yet to be created, which is really a re-processing industry for all of the energy storage devices, all of the batteries that are going into e-mobility. To re-process them and refine them back into new refurbished batteries.”

Musk says: “Something that I think is going to be quite important, and I don’t know of a company that’s working on it seriously, is a neural lace.” With our brains augmented by electronics, here’s how we might function: “You’ve got your limbic system, your cortex, and then a digital layer, sort of a third layer above the cortex.”

This would spread the power of AI to everyone instead of a few hoarders. And this layer would interface with the world in a totally new way, bypassing a key human limitation, specifically our sluggish I/O, especially output. We think quickly but type slowly, for example. Our hands hinder us. Why not bypass them and communicate brain-to-computer, or brain-to-brain? One day, a keyboard might share a display with an ink-dipped quill in a museum exhibit called “Was That Tedious Or What?”

Reprinted with permission.

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