Reservations Open: Promises Kept – Canoo Pricing For Lifestyle Vehicle Is Accessible For Everyone

Preorders for all vehicles open with a $100 reservation

Canoo Pod Car Image courtesy of Canoo

DALLAS, TX (May 17, 2021) – Canoo Inc. (Nasdaq: GOEV), a company developing breakthrough electric vehicles (EVs) has opened its reservations and is taking preorders. Starting today, the lifestyle vehicle, MPDV and pickup truck can be reserved in the United States, with a $100 deposit per vehicle at The Lifestyle Vehicle will be the first vehicle to market in 2022 and with targeted pricing starting from $34,750 -$49,950[i] for Delivery, Base and Premium models, before incentives, or optional equipment. Deliveries for the Pickup Truck and scaled production for MPDV are scheduled to begin as early as 2023.

“It’s no longer a question of whether America will go EV – but when. Our line-up is future-forward and succeeds where others have struggled: Giving people the EV that works smarter for them at a price that can work for their budgets. That’s why we are designing for flexible use cases and focused on productivity solutions,” said Tony Aquila, CEO & Executive Chairman, Canoo Inc. “We are designing for people who work hard, play hard and need something reliable, that will last and give you value. We’re for the 99% not the 1%. Our vehicle line-up is built for the backbone of America – to give you value so you can work smarter.”

Canoo prototype, image courtesy of Canoo taken by Kyle Field, CleanTechnica at Canoo Headquarters, Torrance, California

Lifestyle Vehicle – The Flex-Vehicle for Everybody

Canoo designed the Lifestyle Vehicle to be cabin forward to maximize interior space and function, with exportable power and customization options – all on a small footprint. Now available in four trims: base, premium, adventure and Lifestyle Vehicle Delivery – the Lifestyle Vehicle is the ultimate multi-tasker. Without the need for an engine compartment, the Lifestyle Vehicle features Canoo’s unique street view window for improved driver visibility. Our Adventure trim has more ground clearance and a more muscular profile. The bumpers have been enhanced and a metal skid plate was added for increased vehicle durability. And Canoo’s signature headlights and taillights serve as core brand identifiers without the need for a logo.

Like all Canoo vehicles, the Lifestyle Vehicle is a purpose-built EV based on the company’s proprietary and highly versatile multi-purpose platform architecture. The Lifestyle Vehicle has the interior space of a large SUV, with the exterior footprint of a compact car and is made for urban, adventure, families, fleet, ride hailing and more.

Anticipated specifications include up to 300hp and 332 lb.-ft. of peak motor torque with 250 miles of battery range. The Lifestyle Vehicle has targeted pricing starting from $34,750 -$49,950[i] for Delivery, Base and Premium models, before incentives, or optional equipment. Range topping Adventure trim pricing will be announced in the coming months.

The Pickup Truck – Ready for Work & Weekend

Canoo’s fully electric pickup truck is all-American and ready for work and the weekend. Featuring a cabin-forward design, steer-by-wire technology and proprietary multi-purpose platform architecture, the pickup truck has an extendable flatbed that competes with America’s best-selling pickup trucks on a smaller footprint—making it easier to maneuver and more convenient to drive. The pickup truck was built to work for users and features accessories that accommodate on-site jobs, including exportable power, advanced exterior lighting, fold down worktable and cargo storage, flip-down side-tables, sidestep and storage, extendable bed with space dividers and multi-accessory charge port.

Specifications include dual or rear motor configurations, with 500+hp and 550 lb.-ft. of torque with dual motors, vehicle payload capacity of 1800 lbs. and 200+ miles of battery range.

The Multi-Purpose Delivery Vehicle (MPDV) – Small Business, Fleet & Family Friendly

Our delivery vehicle is designed to maximize return on investment for a wide range of commercial customers. It was built with small businesses, fleets and last-mile delivery companies in mind. High efficiency and class leading cargo volumes offer cost savings which allow businesses to reinvest and thrive – making this delivery vehicle a great option for independent contractors, tradespeople, utilities, service technicians and more.

Bi-directional onboard charging maximizes functionality and transforms the vehicle into a power plant for equipment and tools that can be powered up even at remote destinations. The vehicle design also accommodates workstations to store and access a variety of devices, products and equipment.

Depending on the configuration, anticipated specifications include up to 200hp and 236 lb.-ft. of peak motor torque with up to 250 miles of battery range.

* Targeted price ranges reflect current estimates and are subject to change. Anticipated vehicle specifications and performance metrics are prospective, reflecting current engineering and design direction, manufacturer simulations and EPA-estimated average range calculation methodology. Final production vehicle specifications and performance metrics are subject to change. Final vehicle specifications for the Lifestyle Vehicle, Pickup Truck and Multi-Purpose Delivery Vehicle will be revealed closer to production.

Canoo’s Ultimate Camper concept, built on the same platform as its commercial vehicles. Screenshot from Canoo reveal.

Press Images courtesy Canoo

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