Proposal For 15% California EV Market Share Mandate By 2025 Scuppered

BMW i3 white Cali FL 2Only a week after being publicly proposed, California Democratic Assemblywoman Autumn Burke’s proposal that 15% of all new cars sold in the state be emissions-free by 2025 has been scuppered, according to recent reports.

Why? Because of there being “steeper opposition than she expected,” according to a spokeswoman for the assemblywoman by the name of Allison Ruff.

Ruff noted that the “steep” opposition came “from a variety of groups including the Western States Petroleum Association.”

The Western States Petroleum Association is, of course, a representative of the oil industry.

The proposal, AB1108, was put forward last week by Burke with the comment that the state’s current zero-emissions vehicle mandates were insufficient if the goal was to spur auto manufacturers to truly invest in electric vehicle technologies. In other words, the current mandates lead to nothing but compliance cars, that are often sold at a loss and barely promoted.

SCPR provides more, noting that, “AB1108 would have made plug-in hybrid vehicles, which include a gas engine, ineligible to comply with the mandate. Automakers characterized the legislation as a giveaway to Tesla Motors, the largest seller of electric vehicles last year.”

Well, that may be, but that’s simply because none of the leading auto manufacturers have put any real effort into producing viable EVs, leaving a void that Tesla has now admirably filled.

Any of the the top manufacturers (Ford, GM, Toyota, etc.) could have put real investment into the matter years ago, and then they would be the ones benefiting, wouldn’t they? Instead, it’s Tesla. Most efforts to date from automakers have been token ones, and/or a necessity because of the threat that Tesla is now posing with the success of the Model S and the soon-to-be-success of the Model 3.

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15 thoughts on “Proposal For 15% California EV Market Share Mandate By 2025 Scuppered

  1. For the carmakers there is still plenty of time to develop and launch enough desirable BEV before 2025 to hit that mark.

    VW is planning to have a third of its production fully electric by that time.

    If they protest it is not because there past inactivity has put them in a disadvantage. It is because they don’t want to comply.

    1. They can’t compete with Tesla. They’re doing anything and everything to put obstacles in front of Tesla, to make up for their own lack of planning. And typically, trying to sell the concept of mediocrity and monopolism as ‘leadership’.

    1. I sure hope so. A 15 to 20% share will move the EV trend into an irreversible force. Oil industry executives will need big diapers once the model 3 and the Bolt shipments start……

    2. We’re trying to lease a 2nd EV, the first was a Spark EV, while we wait for the Tesla 3. No question that the auto dealers have conspired to make EV acquisition as difficult as possible. Prices are crazy. Look at the Auto Trader (an ICE institution) for prices on used Teslas. Something is very wrong.
      Edmunds is also in full “Fox” style reporting, regarding EVs.
      We can’t afford a car that costs more than $30 k or so, but I’ve had it with the ICE makers. We should have spent the $2 B GM bailout money on it’s creditors, like workers and people owed pensions, rather than keep that seditious behemoth alive. Kill GM. Don’t spend another cent in their stores, or any other ICE box. Do what it takes to acquire a used Tesla S. 200 + mile range, full remaining warranty, (most used cars for sale that I looked at had mileage less than 30k) . Sell it when you’re ready to move up or just keep it and call it a day. Anything is better than supporting the auto dealers and their anti-EV agendas.

  2. Tesla is the best and California based. Safest and most efficient. Tell the Petroleum people to take a hike. We need to support Tesla and not fight them.

    1. Another ‘prong’ in the ICE makers sabotage of the EV market is promoting Hybrids heavily over EVs as a delaying tactic, an EV suppressant and an attempt to keep the petro sales network in play. Like a good Fox spin doctor, they ‘pretend’ to be environmentalists to the customers who don’t know how this really works. That helps to sway the public in their favor. Hybrids remind me of the ’70s when all the cars were choked up with pollution controls. It works but it’s stupid.

  3. The fact that the petroleum association is against it is the very reason we should forge ahead with this objective. On second thought, we should aim for no less than 20%. I have hope that common sense will win out and market demands will end up giving the corrupt oil industry the finger….

    1. Yes I hope common sense prevails also, build a nuclear power plant I’ll buy an electric car.
      Electric carbon foot print is higher than many hybrids, even some gas or diesel.
      Every time the source of power is changed, more energy is lost.
      So far the electric car craze seems short sighted.

  4. In a year or two, after California has suffered another $5 billion or so in weather and fire related disasters, we should get these guys. I mean ruin them, out of business. Tag them with one major disaster expense, wipe them out, and then put them in jail. Patriotic Americans? Self serving, vile, audaciously avaristic, enemies of all that is good. These people are as bad for America as any threat facing us.

  5. Legalize affordable medium speed electric vehicles that go up to 45 mph. There great for short trips around town, the type of driving that waist the most fuel. States are responsible for regulating the operation of motor vehicles on there roads and right now only 10 states have legalized this type of vehicle. Making these little affordable cars available is not the answer to the problem but it could be part of the solution.

  6. Build a nuclear power plant, I’ll buy an electric car.
    I see claims of about 60% of the energy from the grid goes to the wheels of the car, But the power plant itself is only 30% efficient and another 6% loss over the countries power distribution.
    Living in a cold environment or a hot environment will greatly reduce range of electric cars providing cabin environment controls.

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