Prices & Specifications for the Full Electric, New PEUGEOT e-Expert Van

Prices and specifications for the full electric, new PEUGEOT e-Expert van have been revealed. Available across three trim levels, Compact, Standard and Long wheelbases and as a crew or panel van, the new e-Expert will suit a variety of fleet and business needs. Base prices for the new e-Expert start from £25,053 (excluding VAT, including PiVG), and is available to order now.                                                                                       

The fully electric new e-Expert features a 136hp electric motor and is available with two battery options. A 50kWh battery provides a maximum range of up to 148 miles under WLTP tests, while the larger 75kWh battery extends the range up to 211 miles. Standard wheelbase versions are available with 50kWh and 75kWh batteries, while Compact models come exclusively with the 50kWh unit and Long exclusively with the 75kWh unit. With a maximum payload of up to 1,226kg the new e-Expert will suit a variety of businesses, both in urban and rural environments.

The advanced powertrain supports both Fast and Rapid charging technologies and a full charge using an 11kW Wallbox charger will take just four hours and 45 minutes on the 50kWh battery. The new e-Expert is also capable of supporting up to 100kW Rapid charging, with an 80% top-up taking just 30 minutes on the 50kWh battery.

The new PEUGEOT e-Expert is available in three trims: S, Professional and Asphalt. S models are available on the Standard wheelbase, with Professional models available in Compact, Standard and Long wheelbases. Asphalt trim level vehicles come with the Standard wheelbase.

In S trim, customers benefit from DAB radio with Bluetooth®, cruise control with variable speed limiter, remote central locking with deadlocking, daytime running lights and a full steel bulkhead. In addition, S trim also features PEUGEOT Connect SOS & Assistance.

Professional level vehicles feature a seven-inch capacitive colour touchscreen with DAB radio, Bluetooth®, Apple CarPlay™, Android Auto and a coffee break alert which comes on after two hours of continuous driving. Also included is Moduwork® dual passenger bench seat with fold-up outer seats, a fold-down writing table in the central seat back and added storage features.

Top of the range Asphalt models come standard with PEUGEOT Connected 3D Navigation with voice recognition, a head-up display, Lane Departure Warning System and Speed Limit Recognition and Recommendation. Also standard is Park Assist 180, with a 180-degree rear parking camera and front and rear sensors.

New PEUGEOT e-Expert models in Asphalt trim also features the Video Advance Emergency Braking System, Collision Alert and Forward Collision Warning technology as standard.

The new e-Expert comes with maximum payloads ranging from 1,001kg to 1,226kg, depending on the trim and spec chosen, with 50kWh models featuring the option to increase the maximum payload by an additional 225kg. Compact wheelbase models come with a 4.6m3 load space, extending to 5.3m3 for Standard versions and 6.1m3 in Long wheelbase models*. The new e-Expert shares the same internal loadspace volume as its diesel counterparts.

Trim Length Version Load length (mm)** Base Price (Excluding VAT) Base Price

(Excluding VAT After PiVG Grant)

Panel Van S Standard e-Expert 50kWh Auto 2512 £32,965 £25,053
Standard e-Expert 75kWh Auto 2512 £37,965 £29,965
Panel Van Professional Compact e-Expert 50kWh Auto 2162 £33,450 £25,450
Standard e-Expert 50kWh Auto 2512 £34,150 £26,150
Standard e-Expert 75kWh Auto 2512 £39,150 £31,150
Long e-Expert 75kWh Auto 2862 £40,050 £32,050
Panel Van Asphalt Standard e-Expert 75kWh Auto 2512 £42,380 £34,380
Crew Van Professional Standard e-Expert 75kWh Auto 2017 £42,070 £34,070

David Peel, Managing Director of PEUGEOT UK, said:

The new e-Expert is our next-generation full electric van. With a wide range of body styles and trim levels the new e-Expert will suit a wide variety of business needs. With a range of up to 211 miles from a single charge, businesses will not face any compromise on capability. As local authorities work towards improving air quality, electric and plug-in vans will continue to become even more cost effective and important. By 2023 we will offer an electrified variant across our entire line-up.”

Images courtesy of PEUGEOT

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