Paris Introducing Electric Moped Rental Program

The city of Paris, France, will be introducing a new electric moped rental program later this summer — as part of the mayor’s growing efforts to address the city’s ubiquitous air pollution and traffic congestion.

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The new rental program — which will be managed by the electric vehicle (EV) rental firm Cityscoot — will comprise 1000 electric scooters, made available all across the capital city. Helmets and gloves will also be available for rental with the mopeds.

The full-scale rollout of the new program follows on a successful trial — which made use of 50 electric mopeds — implemented by Cityscoot over the last few months.


A rep for the office of Mayor Anne Hildago was quoted by the news agency AFP as stating that the trial had been very successful — and that, “in the last three months 1,200 testers have completed nearly 4,500 journeys.”

Pricing for the rental service will reportedly be around €3 for 15 minutes of moped use. The service will be integrated with a smartphone app — likely allowing for a fast and easy rental process.

For more information on the country’s (and city’s) efforts to address pollution and traffic congestion via electric vehicles and bikesharing programs, see:

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  1. Maybe Waivecar should open up shop in Paris. There isn’t SparkEV there, so I don’t know what would be an exciting (quick) and cheap EV that can be used.

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