Ontario Offering Cash To Those Looking To Install EV Chargers At Home Or Business

Those living in the Canadian province of Ontario may be happy to know that the province is offering up to $1,000 to people purchasing + installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for business or home use.

The support is allotted as a rebate to those who have purchased a Level 2 (220 V) charging system. Those who have done so are eligible to see 50% of the purchase cost (up to $500) and 50% of the installation cost (up to $500) covered via the rebate program — meaning that, altogether, $1,000 of rebate support is possible.

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Here’s more information via the Ontario Ministry of Transportation site:

Individuals and organizations who have purchased an EV and received a rebate can apply for the charging station rebate. You can request one charging rebate for each vehicle rebate you received.

To receive a rebate, your charging station must:

  • be for residential or business vehicle use (not for public or customer use)
  • have a nominal voltage rating of 208-240 V (Level 2) only
  • be designed to charge one car at a time. Dual port charging stations are not eligible unless you
  • have received two vehicles and two rebates
  • be on the list of eligible charging stations
  • have been purchased in Canada from a Canadian source (i.e. third-party certified or evaluated by cUL, CSA or cETL

Expenses eligible for rebate include:

  • the purchase price of the charging station
  • the costs associated with installing the unit by a Licensed Electrical Contractor
  • the cost associated with an electrical inspection undertaken by ESA
  • You will need to provide proof of installation by showing your certificate of inspection issued by the ESA. The certificate can be obtained from the electrical contractor who installed the charging station or from the ESA if the installation was completed by an employee or a homeowner.

A note that should be made here: charging systems will need to be purchased from a Canadian source in order to be eligible for the rebate program. US-purchased systems are apparently ineligible.

(A tip of the hat here to “FireDog” on the Tesla Motors Club forum for the news.)

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