Off-Grid Solar-Powered Tesla Superchargers?

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It must be a holiday — Tesla CEO Elon Musk is having fun on Twitter and teasing product updates.

One thing readers have been asking about for years is when exactly Tesla’s Supercharger network will be solar powered, and, similarly, how many Tesla Superchargers currently include solar panels.

Early on, Elon highlighted that Tesla Superchargers would largely allow for Tesla drivers to drive on sunlight, but you’d be hard pressed to find a solar-powered Supercharger today.

Naturally, with Tesla’s recent acquisition of SolarCity, the time seems to be ideal for a solar Supercharging update.

Seeing that Elon was having some fun on Twitter,  popped a question about this. Here’s Elon’s first response:

Hmm, what a tease! Supercharger V3? Apparently, these high-power chargers aim to go where no charger has gone before:

For some context, Tesla’s website currently puts Supercharging at 120 kW; normal EV “fast charging” for other brands is basically 50 kW; there’s a 350 kW CCS standard in place and a charging network somewhat in the works in Europe (but nothing really in the ground yet and no production cars that can charge at that rate); and the first 350 kW superfast charging station is under construction in the US as of 9 days ago (but it’s not clear what non-Tesla models could charge above 100 kW).

Lastly (for this tweetstorm), the question arises, does solar + storage = off-grid Superchargers? In some places, that could be the case:

Fun stuff.

Thanks to Elon for yet another fun tweetstorm! 😀

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  1. But what would happen to the Energy not used? What about days when only 1 car stops vs 20 or 30 in a day. Balancing an Off GRID home is hard enought let alone a variable use charging spot.

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