Nissan Leaf Has Record Month (2,236 Sales), Chevy Volt Going Strong (1,478 Sales)

March sales numbers are in for the Nissan Leaf & Chevy Volt. After lagging the Volt for many months, Leaf sales shot up and (as you can see in the title) far surpassed Volt sales for the month.

635 Leafs were sold in February, following 650 sales in January. The car hasn’t been rockin’ it in this arena. The Volt, on the other hand, had 1,626 sales in February and 1,140 sales in January.

2013 nissan leaf

The Leaf’s previous record was 1,708 sales (June 2011), and March 2012’s total was 579, showing that something clearly happened to make March’s record so much higher. Well, some big things happened. Production of the Nissan Leaf got rolling in Tennessee, which resulted in a large price decline. The new Leaf also has some performance improvements, but I think it’s the much lower price that has done the trick.

The Leaf is now a much cheaper car to own than the competing Nissan Rogue and Nissan Juke, as I detailed just the other day.

chevy volt

As noted above, the Chevy Volt’s March sales (1,478) are down a bit compared to February 2013 (1,626). They are also down compared to March 2012 (2,289 sales). Possible explanations could be the greater competition on the market (but we have to wait and see how that competition is doing), the somewhat competing Leaf’s high sales, and perhaps soon-to-be Volt buyers waiting for a potential price drop.

Have any thoughts on these March numbers?

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