New Tesla Model X Photos/Sightings

While the Tesla Model X has technically been released for over a month now, there aren’t actually all that many people that have received one yet, so some specifics of real-world use and aesthetics haven’t really been fully revealed yet.

On that note, many of the commenters on the Tesla Motors Club forum have been posting pictures of various Model X sightings around the country, thereby giving us a better idea of what the electric SUVs look like in everyday settings (and making it easier to spot them, presumably).

I remember when I first spotted a Model S. I was actually a bit surprised that it looked as nice as it did in person — it managed to catch my attention before I even realized what it was. I’m waiting to see if the Model X gives me the same impression in person — if nothing else though, I presume that the falcon doors will be interesting to see.

Here are some of the most interesting ones of the new Model X pics posted (with proper accreditation):

Thanks to “kstoverb” for this one:

Model X

Thanks to “littlebopark” for this:

Model X falcon doors

Thanks to “ngphotog” for this one:

Model x blue

Thanks to “dvchaw” for this one:

Red Model X

And thanks to “amac_runnin” for this one:

Model x

And here’s a short video:

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      1. Base price of $75k if you’re willing to wait a year. If you order now, the timing may just work out…that could be interesting.

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