New Tesla Model X 5-Seat Configuration — Back Seats Can Be Folded Down Completely (#ElonTweets)

The new Tesla Model X 5-seat configuration can be folded down entirely in the back, going by a recent tweet from CEO Elon Musk.

In the tweet, the Tesla CEO notes that “the new 5 allows the entire back to fold flat. A small family could camp there!”

The Twitter comment (which can be seen below in full) was in response to a query from “MacTechGenius” asking about Musk’s favorite seat configuration option for the Model X, which is apparently still the 6-seat option despite the recent changes.

Funny the comment about camping out of one of the new 5-seat Tesla Model Xs. Camping out of Teslas seems like it is becoming something of a cult trend, as we’ve reported previously. Considering the enormous panoramic roofs available with the Model S (and soon the Model 3) and the fact that climate control can be left on all night without exposing oneself to harmful and dangerous emissions, this shouldn’t be too surprising. The spaciousness of the Model S and Model X of course adds to the potential utility in such a case — as do the new, high-quality HEPA-filter options.

The back seats of the Model X not fully folding flat was a point of huge controversy among some early Model X reservation holders and enthusiasts leading up to and after the unveiling, so it’s not that surprising to say that Tesla has now modified the 5-seat configuration to make this possible. Hopefully the people aching for this option are now “happy campers.”

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