Are The New Premium Seats In The Tesla Model S P100D Ventilated?

While the biggest changes that are part of the new Model S P100D are obviously in relation to battery pack capacity, range, and performance, it appears that there have been a number of other upgrades as well.

Premium Upgrade Options Tesla seats

This was highlighted recent by a post on the Tesla Motors Club forum from “sataponw,” which asked: “Did someone notice that Model S P100D has a different seat than the other versions? When I click the premium package, it looks like it has ventilated seat now but it is not on any detail anywhere (unless I am missing it).”

A number of other commentators were quick to reply and somewhat confirm. “n2mb_racing” stated: “looks like it from the photos!” And another commentator by the name of “Dennis87” was around to provide more definitive confirmation: “Yes new premium seats in P100D are ventilated. (Only black and tan, not the white.)”

With regard to the apparent lack of the option for premium, ventilated seats with the white color, the commentator “hungyip84” mused that: “It just doesn’t sound right that you can’t have premium package if you want ultra white seat. … Hope that’s an error and they will fix it.”

Clarification was provided by “Ohji,” who noted that: “My DS just informed me that you can indeed get the premium upgrades package with the ultra white seats. Just no ventilation for the white seats….”

So, those who prefer the vegan white seats are out of luck if they like the look of the new premium, ventilated seats.

I wonder if any of this has any bearing on the Model 3 interior options that’ll be available?

2 thoughts on “Are The New Premium Seats In The Tesla Model S P100D Ventilated?

  1. Hopefully the vegan seats will get ventilation when they move it downmarket from the P models or even on the Model 3, the white seats are something I’m looking forward to, both my Civic Hybrids had the blue seats, tan and black are so boring

  2. The bigger issue is that these won’t make it to the 100D. A very stupid decision from Tesla in my opinion. The new generation seats are ok, but the Model X seats are far better. Plus the new generation seats are still not at Audi or Porsche level which is a shame since the Model S is (except for propulsion) in the same class as the A7 and Panamera.

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