New Chevy Volt Ad — Meh.

The Chevy Volt has a new ad out. I’m sorry to say that I think it misses the mark. It does a great job selling the Volt’s green idealism. But that’s not what should be getting sold! “Green” isn’t the best at selling cars. And it’s quite obvious that a plug-in electric car is greener. What needs to be sold is the insanely awesome convenience of not having to go to the gas station (or very rarely). Of being able to “fill up” while lounging on your couch. Of the excellent performance of the vehicle. Of the high-tech qualities that make it sexy. Of the energy independence and gas savings that come with driving electric. Of the fact that you aren’t sending your money to oil-rich countries that aren’t exactly friendly with the US….

OK, I’m not a automobile market analyst, but those are my thoughts. Yours?

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