Model X Signature Reservation Holders Receive Estimated Delivery Times & VINs (+ Pics From The Wild)



As a quick summary for anyone who doesn’t closely follow the Tesla Model X reservation game, Signature Model X reservation holders put down $40,000 to reserve their vehicles whereas production Model X reservation holders put down $5,000 and Founder Series X reservation holders get theirs first. Naturally, Signature Model X reservation holders will get their Model Xs first (for the most part, that is). There were about 1,200 reservations in this category, but we have no real sense of how many people decided to cancel their reservation after the unveiling. However, we do have a bit of new insight.

Blue Model X Founder
NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang with his Founder Series Tesla Model X, delivered on Monday, October 26.

Approximately one week ago, reservation holders started announcing on the Tesla Motors Club forum that they were receiving their VIN numbers and estimated delivery times. Interestingly, aside from some people having much lower VIN numbers than reservation numbers (which one would expect due to reservation cancellations), some also had higher VIN numbers than their reservation numbers.

Model X Black 7

Model X Black 5

Model X Black 10

Model X Black 8

Model X Black 11

Model X Black 1

Model X Black 9

Model X Black 6

Model X Black 3

Model X Black 4

Model X Black 2

VIN numbers forum members have reported receiving include 6X, 113, 169, 22X, 265, 355, 415, 450X, 502, 646, 66X, 683, 748, 784, 803, 834. Reportedly a decent percentage of X Signature reservation holders haven’t yet confirmed or cancelled their orders. Again, it’s unclear how many have cancelled, but we may see ~1000 Signature Model Xs hit the roads within the coming months. However, VIN numbers are reportedly not an indicator of production or delivery order.

Model X Blue 1 Model X White 1

As far as timelines, the general story seems to be that some of the Signature reservation holders (perhaps a rather small number) will get their vehicles in December, and the rest are supposed to get them in January (or even a bit later).

As far as those two pics of a beautiful titanium metallic Model X at the top, and the related pics below, they all come from reddit user “blazer072.” Presumably, this is a Founder Series X, as it seems no Signature Xs have been delivered yet.

tesla-model-x-titanium-metallic-3 tesla-model-x-titanium-metallic-4 tesla-model-x-titanium-metallic-5 tesla-model-x-titanium-metallic-6 tesla-model-x-titanium-metallic-7 tesla-model-x-titanium-metallic-8 tesla-model-x-titanium-metallic-9

Aside from the titanium metallic Model X and the second blue Model X, all photos obtained via the Tesla Motors Club forum.

5 thoughts on “Model X Signature Reservation Holders Receive Estimated Delivery Times & VINs (+ Pics From The Wild)

  1. “some also had higher VIN numbers than cancellations.” I’m gonna guess – higher VIN numbers than their reservations.

      1. I find the “fake black grille” on the Model S annoying, but it looks better when there’s a license plate on it.

        The Model X bumper is also “completed” with the front license plate.

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