Mobilizing The Electric Transport Revolution With The EV Buyers Guide App

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Electric Car Insider magazine is looking to bring its in-depth coverage of electric vehicles to more mobile device users, in the form of an interactive app for iOS and Android platforms, with the aim of not just raising awareness about the benefits of driving electric, but also giving prospective buyers the tools they need to make the best decision possible for their own situation.

eci-kickstarterElectric Car Insider (ECI), which currently publishes a printed EV Buyers Guide magazine, as well as an online version, is currently seeking crowdfunding to launch an interactive app of the Guide, with the intent of offering readers a variety of additional content that can educate, illustrate, and possibly motivate people to adopt electric mobility in their own lives.

“Electric Car Insider’s EV Buyers Guide is a guide for prospective buyers and current drivers of plug-in electric vehicles. The guide provides information about how to skillfully acquire and operate an electric vehicle. Whether you already drive an electric car or are just curious about plug-in electric cars, this guide is for you. EVs improve the environment, strengthen energy security and provide significant personal savings. We show you how.”

For the average car buyer, the world of alternative transportation options, which range from hybrids to PHEVs to full-electric cars or e-bikes, can be a bit confusing, as it requires a fair bit of research to really understand the ins and outs of electric mobility. After a century of gasoline-fueled vehicles, most of us have a pretty good grasp of the concept of miles per gallon, and miles per tank, and can easily compare many of the standard features of petrol cars, but when it comes to MPGe and battery capacity and range, not to mention charge times and charging cycles, it’s almost like learning another language. And although the information is all out there, both on the web and in print, having a one-stop-shop for EV comparisons might very well make all the difference for prospective electric car buyers.

With the ECI EV Buyers Guide, readers will be able to access a wide variety of relevant information about the various options available to them when shopping for an EV, including full page profiles of every EV currently available in North America, as well as articles, slideshows, and podcasts on EV policies, solar PV systems (which go together with EVs like PB&J, EV incentives, charging systems, and coverage of EV technology.

“Electric Car Insider is more than just a car magazine. It is a resource for creating a more sustainable, secure existence. We are helping to create a future where all cars have zero emissions. With the widespread adoption of EVs we will see cleaner air, a break from our dependency on oil and lower costs of automobile ownership. Most importantly we will see a brighter future for our children and successive generations.”

The ECI team is currently in a crowdfunding phase, with a rather modest fundraising goal of $10,000 for its Kickstarter campaign, which will help to underwrite the cost of fully developing and launching this interactive guide. Backers of the campaign at the $20 level will receive a year’s subscription to the EV Buyers Guide, and backers at the $50 level will also receive a bundle of 15 copies of the print version, which will allow them to give their friends a leg up on the details of EV purchasing and driving.

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