Electric Versions Of The Nissan Juke & Rogue SUVs On The Way?

The electric SUV market is a nearly barren one, with the Tesla Model X and the plug-in hybrid Mitsubishi Outlander being the only real options.

That may soon be changing, though, with Nissan (of all companies…) apparently considering electrifying its popular Juke and Rogue models, according to the noted British magazine Autocar.

Nissan Juke

After all of these years wondering what Nissan is doing dragging its feet on electric vehicles, it would be quite interesting if an electric version of the Juke or Rogue was to appear around the same time as the refreshed LEAF, in 2017/2018. (Editor’s Note: I love the Nissan Juke design and have to admit I’d be tempted by an all-electric Juke … if it had the right price and range, and Supercharging access.)

Release times are up in the air, though, with Nissan’s Gareth Dunsmore being quoted as saying that the company would be combining its electric car technologies with its crossover business “in the future.” A vague statement … to be blunt … so who knows on timing? Notably, though, the Juke is now over 7 years old and certainly due for a refresh.

As the refreshed Nissan LEAF that’s set to hit the market in the relatively near future will possess a range of (up to) 200 miles per charge, and a battery-pack size of (up to) 60 kilowatt-hours (kWh), one would guess that an all-electric version of the Juke or Rogue would feature similar range options.

A 200-mile all-electric Nissan SUV available for ~$40,000 in 2018 or 2019 would likely sell quite well. And would perhaps be a means of growing market share even with strong competition from Tesla and GM/Chevy. It doesn’t seem likely that a crossover version of the Tesla Model 3 would hit the market before 2020 or so.

So… there’s certainly an opportunity there. Hopefully Nissan follows through on this one.

3 thoughts on “Electric Versions Of The Nissan Juke & Rogue SUVs On The Way?

  1. I’d be interested in an electric Juke…I had thought about putting an electric motor and battery into a Lada Niva but this might be cheaper lol

  2. Adding (the 30kWh) battery to a Rogue configured as an AWD PHEV with an EV range like an i3 REx and hybrid range like a Volt would make tor a much more compelling, accessible, pragmatic and mainstream product. Pure EV, even if it had 175+ miles range (that 60 kWh might give a Rogue platform) will still be hampared by lack of infrastructure for years to come, as Nissan’s dealer based L3 “network” is spotty and has had less than stellar reliability, and simply not strategically located to serve travelers the way Tesla’s Supercharger network is. Therefore, PHEV is today’s solution for often 90%+ EV miles with the range and charging barriers of BEV removed. Build it and the customers will come, if priced right. The outstanding barrier is actually that Nissan first needs to exhaust it 200k federal EV tax credits with only the LEAF, so it can competitively price a variety of PEVs.

  3. Nissan+Dacia all-electric Dacia Sandero (2012 conversion) range 500km by world range record-holder Andrej Pecjak(826km in Metron Mazda 5) Inner space is never lost/compromised in Pecjak’s many long-range Metron Institute conversions.
    Pecjak’s 2011 Sandero “only” had a range of 400km – he increased that to 500km in 2012. But you all know this already right ? Obviously.

    Nissan owns Dacia..in 2013 Ghosn said an electric Dacia was a “possibilty”. He also said an electric Qashqai was a possibility.
    A “possibility” ?? Aliens in Area51 are a “possibility” winning the lottery(twice) is a”possibilty” …parallel universes and the existence of a god.are a”possibility” Ghosn(!!!!)

    Why do people not want to face the simple truth that major carmakers just don’t want EVs to encroach on or eat into their core combustion market
    They deliberately keep EVs separated and segregated Give them limp, weak or effeminate,stereotyping names like “Leaf” or “Zoe” to ensure they don’t appeal to..er..real men.

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