Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-in Crushing It In Europe

The European EV market is continuing to grow at a steady pace, as the most recent sales figures for the old continent show.

The unofficial September 2014 sales figures were recently compiled by the folks over at EV-Sales.blogspot — with sales of over 10,000 units during the month of September, the market there has just seen its best month of 2014 and its third best month ever (behind November 2013 — 10,565 units, and December 2013 — 14,197 units). However, it must be noted that these numbers only come from the countries Jose Pontes can find data for, and some of them are estimates rather than official, retrieved numbers.

Regarding last November and December seeing such high sales, they were pretty substantially inflated by the effects of EV credits in the Netherlands approaching their expiration — without that effect, September 2014 would surely have been the top month ever with regard to units sold.

Taken year against year, 2014 is looking likely to crush 2013’s total sales — there have already been 69,000 EVs sold in Europe this year, as compared to 67,000 for the whole of 2013. So the sales are certainly starting to pick up steam. 2015 should be interesting.

As far as the specific sales numbers for the various models, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV had its best month of 2014 (2,453 registrations); the Nissan LEAF had its best month ever (1,986 registrations); and the Renault Zoe very nearly had its best month ever (1,343 registrations versus 1,358 back in June 2013).

Here are the numbers (along with the year-to-date number) in table form:

Europe EV Sales 2014 - September Updated

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