Midwestern Model S Owners Throw Party For Staff Of Tesla Store That They Bought From

What kind of car owners would actually throw a party for the car dealership/store that they bought their vehicles from? Tesla owners, of course. Who else?

That (rather strange) occurrence recently happened at the Tesla store and service center in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, on September 2. So that means that it wasn’t simply Tesla owners that threw the party, but rather Midwestern Tesla owners — which certainly explains some things to my mind.

Tesla store party

Reportedly, more than 50 Tesla owners showed up to the employee appreciation bash — apparently to the great surprise of the employees on hand.

Green Car Reports provides the details:

Employees were initially surprised to see so many people milling about the showroom, as the event was meant to be a surprise, said Eric Jackson, one of the organizers. The party included catered food gift cards for the employees, and a banner to be hung in the store as an expression of the Tesla owners’ gratitude. The employees’ reaction was “amazing,” Jackson said.

One employee who had previously worked for other car brands said he had never seen customers return in such numbers, and express appreciation so emphatically, as Tesla owners do. Other praised the company itself, saying Tesla treats them well. Enthusiasm for the electric cars from Silicon Valley isn’t unusual among owners, but Minnesota owners have been particularly vocal about it.

That certainly must have been an interesting experience. A party thrown for the employees by the customers… Who’d have thought? Granted, though, the experience at a Tesla store is a far cry from what you have in store for you when you visit the average car dealership.

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