MG Promotes its Range of Electric Cars — Pokes Fun at “Dinosaur Drivers”

  • It’s a new era as MG releases new TV ad to promote its range of electric cars
  • Electric for Everyone campaign airs at prime time on ITV and digital channels
  • MG gently pokes fun at “dinosaur drivers” who still rely solely on fossil fuel
  • Campaign highlights MG’s leadership in mainstream electric cars
  • MG expects more than half of the cars it sells in 2021 to be electric

MG Motor, the UK’s fastest growing car brand, has launched a brand new TV advert to continue its “Electric for Everyone” electric car campaign. Using the tag-line “it’s a new era”, the new advert promotes MG’s comprehensive range of electric cars, highlighting MG’s leadership in mainstream electric cars which are suitable for everyone and for everything.

The ‘It’s a New Era’ campaign was conceived, developed and filmed in the UK for MG by Lancashire-based creative agency Wash Studios. Although the three MG electric cars are the main attraction, the stars of the show are undoubtedly the inflatable dinosaurs which feature in almost every scene, as MG gently pokes fun at “dinosaur drivers” who still rely solely on fossil fuel to get around.

Filmed in September in North Wales, the 30-second ad shows a family heading-off on a camping weekend in their fully-electric MG ZS EV, passing a number of dinosaurs en-route including one fueling up an old car in a petrol station and another trying to operate a payphone in a phone box – a task that would be tricky for a dinosaur at the best of times! When the family arrives at their destination , they are joined by family and friends who arrive in two more electric MGs, the All New MG5 EV and the MG HS Plug-in.

Daniel Gregorious, MG’s Head of Sales & Marketing, said: “In many ways the TV ad is a bit of fun – it sends the message that it’s a new era not just for MG but for motoring in general as consumers embrace electricity and leave petrol and diesel power behind.

“But it also delivers a really important message – that these ‘cars of the future’ are with us now and that, thanks to MG, they really are now an affordable and practical choice for everyone and for everything. This year already almost one third of our new car sales are electric and in 2021 we expect more than half our sales to be electric cars. The new era is officially here!”

The TV ad can be viewed here or at

MG’s incredible value, 7 year warranty and great range of cars have really captured the imagination of Britain’s car buying public and have helped it strategically grow both its sales and its dealer network, which will comprise of 120 sites before the end of the year.

At the end of September 2020, MG’s registrations were up 52.1% year-on-year after its best-ever sales month, which beat September 2019 by an astonishing 169% and helped the historic brand achieve a solid market share of over 1%.

MG currently has a network of 113 dealers with further expansion planned before the end of 2020.To find your local dealer, or to discover the high-tech, value-for-money range of cars on offer, please visit MG.CO.UK

Images courtesy of MG

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