Meet “Stormbreaker,” Wicked Orange-Wrapped Tesla Model 3

Originally published on Tesla Oracle.

If this car doesn’t boost your craving for Teslas and oranges, what will? Looking at this orange wrapped Tesla Model 3 increases my appetite for both, significantly!

This Model 3 was wrapped by Signature Custom Wraps, which did the job on the blue Model Y wrap we featured earlier this week. They again did an awesome job this time.

The owner of this orange wrapped Model 3 — @Blitzfire911 — said he was inspired by a friend’s Tesla Model 3, which was also wrapped in orange.

To me, this is an even better-looking wrap than the Yellow Tesla Model 3 that I covered a couple of years ago. The owner even removed the stock Tesla T emblem from the hood and installed his personal wordmark “B” in black — orange and black is such a great contrast that is very visible in these pics.

Tangerine Dream by Oracal is the actual name of the wrap color applied to this Tesla Model 3. According to the owner, just the wrap job on this vehicle cost him $3,500. The total cost of all the current customizations on this car is $10,000 that includes the following in addition to the tangerine wrap:

The story does not end here. The car is waiting to get a body kit, carbon fiber hood, air suspension, and full underglow lights — that’s another set of customizations worth $11,000+. After that, this will be a badass street racer EV.

You can browse tons of more pics of this Model 3 on the owner’s Instagram.

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