Meet Stormbreaker, A Fiery Beast Whose Beauty Will Ensnare Your Soul

Meet Stormbreaker: a bold, vivacious Model 3 whose beauty stimulates, inspires, and captures your soul. The fiery orange is complemented with what looks like a really dark grey or pure black. These two colors together demand that you notice Stormbreaker–and I did.


The owner of this vehicle is Blitzfire911, who has a Twitch following of just over 11,000 followers and shared his story with me.  “Bright orange has always been my favorite color and I use it for my YouTube and Twitch channel as well,” he told me. He even dyed his hair bright orange.


The Story Behind Stormbreaker

Photo by Blitzfire911 used with permission


When I asked Blitzfire911 what inspired him to pick Tesla, he told me that it was the safety rating that appealed to him. After he bought the car, he fell in love with the rest of it.  He also shared the story of what happened to his wife. “My wife lost her hand in car accident right after we graduated high school, so I was looking for the safest car possible on road trips because she gets anxiety on interstates. That’s changed a lot with autopilot.”


Photo by Blitzfire911 used with permission.


Blitzfire911 told me that Tesla’s Autopilot has also helped his wife relax a lot and they often go on road trips. Car accidents are traumatizing and I’ve known people who have sworn they will never get into a vehicle again. Autopilot and Tesla’s reputation are helping those bold enough to face their fears and heal from them.


Photo by Blitzfire911 used with permission.


Autopilot Is Better Than You Think.

Wes Bard recently gave an analysis of a video Tesla released in February.  Bard shared several small details that prove just how advanced Autopilot is.  Autopilot, the cutting edge of advanced technology, integrates AI in your driving experience. It can quickly identify objects around it and react in real-time.

It can see a stop sign up ahead or notice a puddle of water and act accordingly. In 2019, the Model 3 earned the IIHS Top Safety Pick+ Award. It also earned a 5-star safety rating in every category from safety officials in North America, Australia, and Europe.


Photo by Blitzfire911 used with permission.


How Stormbreaker Got Its Name and Symbolism Of The Color Orange

When naming the vehicle, Blitzfire911 involved his community on Twitch. “The name of the car ‘Stormbreaker’ was actually named by my Twitch community in a week-long bracket contest of names they submitted,” he said.


Photo by Blitzfire911 used with permission.


The color orange has many meanings and has been used in the science of color therapy.  Officially known as chromotherapy, orange is defined as a stimulating color that revitalizes. Orange takes on the courage from red and wisdom from yellow. It encourages independence, creativity, and boldness.


Photo by Blitzfire911 used with permission.


Most importantly, the final photo captures a moment of evolution. The dilapidated Citgo represents the past. Stormbreaker, in its vivid glory, represents the future. This moment captures the future challenging the past to evolve.


Photo by Blitzfire911 used with permission.





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