Live Tesla Supercharger Status Updates Coming!

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Bjørn Nyland recently dropped a tweet sharing a video of the latest and greatest iteration of the Supercharger status display. It was obviously set up for more of a “demo mode” display, but the fact that Tesla has the data and can present it in a way that’s beautiful just makes me wonder why it hasn’t been pushed to the masses of Teslas roaming streets today.

While the production version of the live Supercharger status likely won’t look too much like the full interactive display that’s being used in the video, the data screen below with the # of charging stalls available vs just the total really makes it easy to see what the setup looks like at the station, and if it’s worth a stop.

On my cross-country drive, I must have hit over 25 Supercharging stations, and I can see how having visibility of station availability could have been a game changer if I had been driving in more congested areas like Southern California.

Is this functionality on hold for the inevitable rollout of the solid metal snake charger from Tesla? Will drivers be able to just get out of the car and walk away, confident in the knowledge that the car is in the charging queue and will take care of everything in as little time as possible? That would be sweet, but I’m not holding my breath.

If anything, it’s exciting to see that the tech exists to pull and compile this data. Now, all that’s left is for Tesla to develop and deliver it in Teslas around the world. To be honest, I would rather have Tesla resources working against Model 3 / Model Y than this … but if I could have both, that would be more than twice as great.

What are your thoughts? Supercharging status or Model 3 getting to market 1 month earlier? Hmm…

One thought on “Live Tesla Supercharger Status Updates Coming!

  1. That’s so cool. Can’t wait to get my Model 3. Snake would be a nice option to have even at home.

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