Lego-like vehicle: The $18,632 Electric eBussy can turn into 10 Different Vehicles

eBussy – not a Car, but more!

The eBussy , which is short for electric bus system, is the most innovative and modular light vehicle in the world. It generates up to 200 km of range per day via its integrated solar modules and recuperating drives.

Its maximum range without charging, with full battery assembly and solar modules is over 600 km. With more than 10 modular and interchangeable superstructures, it can become a convertible, off-roader, suitcase body, station wagon, pickup or van and camping bus in just a few simple steps.

With its permanent, electronically controlled all-wheel drive in combination with its all-steering inplace, its digital exterior mirrors and its app-controlled communication system, as well as its 1000Nm torque, the eBussy sets new standards not only as a light vehicle.

Its unladen weight without batteries, charge and superstructures is only 450-600kg, but it can still carry up to 1000kg of charge.

eBussy. Abbreviation for electric Bus System. A modular concept. Two chassis variants.

Two module-dependent battery compartments. Countless, chassis-independent modules. Quality guaranteed by up to 10 years manufacturer’s warranty.

The eBussy has been developed according to the “Lego principle”. Detached from the chosen chassis variant, you can easily and quickly and as often as you want to suit your usage needs.

You don’t need a special tool, you don’t have to work at NASA, you only need some help to take off one module and put another one back on it.

Feel free for endless Usability…

In Europe the eBussy is priced at the equivalent of $18,300 for a base model.

The price rising to $33,300 for the range-topping all-wheel drive camper version.

eBussy is made for you!

The  electric eBussy can turn into different vehicles by using different modular attachments.

The eBussy is a light vehicle (L7e). He sets new standards in almost every respect.

Our goal is clearly defined – the eBussy will be the best and most innovative electric light vehicle in the world.

No other vehicle combines technology, usability, design and fun like an eBussy.

Conventional charging

Whether you want to refuel your eBussy at the household socket, on high current or just by the sun, everything is possible. Alternatively, you can also exchange your empty batteries for full ones at our battery exchange stations in the future.

Use solar energy!

Equipped with solar panels in the roof, the eBussy gains an additional 200km per day in addition to braking energy recovery.

Protecting the environment

A conventional electric vehicle is only really “green” from about 40,000km of driving power. The eBussy manages this already after about 10,000km. In addition, it is almost completely recyclable at around 98%.

Images courtesy of ElectricBrands. eBussy.

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