JAC iEV5 Spotted In The Wild

The JAC iEV5 is an all-electric car that launched in the Chinese market back in 2014, with sales beginning in earnest just earlier this year (2015) — mostly in the manufacturer’s home province of Anhui, China.

While there’s been a fair amount of time elapsed since that launch, the electric model is still relatively rare to see, apparently. Recently, a rather dirty-looking one was observed “in the wild” in the Dongba area, in the far eastern suburbs of Beijing.


As one can see, despite the dirt, the model is a somewhat distinct — the grille, in particular.

The photos are coming to us via Car News China — here’s more from them:

The iEV5 is powered by an electric motor with an output of 68hp and 215nm, mated to a 70aH lithium-ion battery. Range 250 kilometer and top speed is 120 kilometers per hour. Charging takes eight hours on 220V or 2.5 hours for 80% battery on a fast charger. Size: 4310/1710/1500, wheelbase is 2490.

Price for all this pretty differs per city, depending on subsidies. Without any the price of a brand new iEV5 is a steep 152.800 yuan or 23.865 USD. In Beijing price goes down by a massive 90.000 yuan in state level and city level subsidies, leaving a dealer price of only 62.800 yuan or 9808 USD. With this kind of price levels, and with the usual free fast-charger for at home, and with the easier-to-get license plates, people are slowly but certainly warming up to electric cars. The market, is getting hot….

Not terrible pricing, I’d say. Makes you wonder why the Chinese adoption of electric vehicles hasn’t been faster to date.

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  1. FWIW China has the largest installed base of battery-electric buses in the world, by a very large factor (last analysis I read said they had 80,000 on the road). So they are adopting EVs. In China private autos are still a luxury market, with weird stuff like license plate lotteries to be allowed to drive them in the city, which makes the buyers price-insensitive.

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