Inside The 2014 BMW i3 (VIDEO)

While we often gawk at, criticize, praise, etc. the exterior of cars, when we own a car, we spend a lot more time in it than look out its exterior. Well, if you’ve been curious to see the inside of a real BMW i3, here’s a video of just that (warning: elevator music included):

Everything you dreamed? Something lacking? Don’t really care, not buying the car? Don’t really care, love the exterior? Tired of these questions? Want me to shut the hell up? Okay.

2 thoughts on “Inside The 2014 BMW i3 (VIDEO)

  1. As much as I desperately need a skateboard strap, this car strikes me as a cheap. Does anyone know who originally made this car? The cheapness of it, the (in my opinion) poor engineering with the generator, and the fact that BMW claims profit from the get-go leads me to believe they bought the rights to some Indian or Chinese car and re-packaged it.

    1. Well, I strongly suspect that the car’s very light curb weight had something to do with the “cheap” interior. Big, thick luxury chairs and tons of gizmos and gear are what make midsize sedans such as the Buick Lacrosse tip the scales at 4,700 lbs.

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