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Hyundai To Debut New Autonomous Features On Next-Generation Fuel Cell Vehicle At CES 2018

Hyundai has debuted all-new autonomous features on a fuel cell car at CES 2018. Hyping “next-generation fuel cells” may not be more than another misleading pitch, but that’s what Hyundai has decided to showcase this year at CES — a hydrogen-powered life.

On the deeper software side, an all-new artificial intelligence–enhanced personal cockpit is being displayed as well.

I recently reported that Hyundai Motor Company and Aurora announced a partnership to bring self-driving Hyundai vehicles to market by 2021. We think you will see Aurora supporting many companies soon, and will come to recognize the name Aurora as a staple in the automotive world — again and again. Co-founder and CEO Chris Urmson was the CTO of self-driving cars at Google/Alphabet for several years. His fellow co-founders at Aurora are Sterling Anderson, who was most recently director of Tesla Autopilot, and Drew Bagnell, who was previously Uber’s autonomy and perception lead.

CES is showcasing Hyundai’s moving mobility with Aurora. Have a look if you can and report back to us about your reactions.

Hyundai Motor will also showcase a trio of new technologies at CES 2018 from January 9–12 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Intent on manifesting connected future technology with evolving mobility challenges, Hyundai’s next-generation hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicle (concept) is equipped with a new Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS).

“In addition, Hyundai will connect its progress on hydrogen-powered mobility to hydrogen-powered applications in the home via a section of the booth dedicated to the Hydrogen Life Vision. Rounding out Hyundai’s future technology demonstrations will be a reimagined view from the driver’s perspective inside the Intelligent Personal Cockpit, featuring artificial-intelligence-enhanced voice recognition and vital sign-based wellness care, all from the comfort of the driver’s seat.”

Want to check out more about Aurora and its dynamic team of innovators? “The press conference will take place at Mandalay Bay (Level 2, Oceanside C) at 3:00 p.m. PST on Monday, January 8 and will be live-streamed at https://youtu.be/dbiFJP1eD18. At the press conference, Chris Urmson, the CEO of Aurora, will join key Hyundai executives as one of the speakers to share details on the joint research and development of autonomous driving technology. During the exhibition following the press day, Hyundai will display its cutting-edge technologies and products at booth number 6329 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.”

The hydrogen fuel cell bit doesn’t interest us much, but the Aurora part certainly does.

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