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How BMW Is Making Headway In Cutting The Emissions In Cars

By fundamentally changing the car building process in almost every regard, BMW believes that it can start making one of the greenest cars ever. Now, for a car company, this may seem a little bit strange, but it is an area in which BMW believe they can make great strides.

The Driving Force of Change Since 2008

Back in 2008 it was revealed in the Financial Times that BMW was cutting the emissions of its vehicles at four times the rate of other major manufacturers, with a Brussels-based environmental watchdog group commissioning a detailed survey, which found that the average new car sold last year by BMW emitted 7.3 per cent less carbon dioxide per kilometre than in it did 2006.

Now, BMW believes that by fiddling and tampering with every aspect of the building process, it can improve on this even further. Here’s how…

Iceland Provides an Electrical Revolution

Silver and black BMW i3 at EVS27 in Barcelona, Spain.(This image is available for republishing and even modification under a CC BY-SA license, with the key requirement being that credit be given to Zachary Shahan / EV Obsession / CleanTechnica, and that those links not be removed.)BMW intends to start with the car design. Of course, decades ago, designers would sit at work stations, etching design after design on sketch pads, refining and redrafting as they went. Now, such a process involves thousands of computers, which emit huge amounts of CO2.

In order to cut down on this, BMW have moved most of its computing power to Iceland, where geothermal heat is used for 80% of the country’s electricity needs. This is possible because of Iceland’s active volcanoes, which provide so much hot water that almost the entire Icelandic electricity network can be powered through hydro-power.

Although this represents a revolution in itself, BMW plans to go further still because of encouraging results. Based on output, BMW plans to move further resources to Iceland as soon as possible, including a new centre in Reykjavik, with dedicated servers for the ConnectedDrive information gathered from vehicles.

Should You By BMW?

Due to this, if you’re eco conscious, then a BMW could be the way to go. Although new eco BMWs are undoubtedly excellent, there are other options if you cannot afford one.

As has been stated, back in 2008, BMW were already being praised for their eco excellence, so a used BMW from after this date will also be worth the money.

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