Groupe PSA & Total create “Automotive Cells Company”

ACC joint venture is dedicated to the manufacture of batteries for electric vehicles in Europe.

  • The creation of ACC (Automotive Cells Company) marks the birth of a major player in battery production in Europe.
  • Yann Vincent has been appointed Chief Executive and Ghislain Lescuyer Chairman of the Board of the joint venture.
  • This ambitious project, announced in January 2020, pools the expertise of each partner to develop and produce batteries with the highest level of performance worldwide.
  • ACC benefits from the support of the French and German authorities, as well as the European institutions, to accompany the energy transition of mobility.

Groupe PSA/Opel and Total/Saft have signed an agreement for the creation of the joint venture ACC.

Yann Vincent has been appointed Chief Executive in order to implement and develop it. Ghislain Lescuyer has been appointed Chairman of the Board.

With this partnership, the parties are setting up a world-classplayer in the development and manufacture of high-performance batteries for the automotive industry from 2023.

Total/Saft will contribute its expertise in R&D and industrialization, and Groupe PSA its knowledge of the automotive market and its experience in production. The R&D centre in Bordeaux and the pilot site in Nersac (France) have already started in order to develop the new high-performance lithium-ion technologies. At the end of this R&D phase, production is planned to be launched in two “gigafactories”, in Douvrin (France) and Kaiserslautern (Germany).

This project aims to:
  • Respond to the challenges of the energy transition by reducing the environmental footprint of vehicles throughout the value chain in a desire to offer clean and affordable mobility to citizens.
  • Produce batteries for electric vehicles that will be at the highest technological level in terms of energy performance, autonomy, recharging time and carbon footprint.
  • Develop production capacity, essential to accompany the growth demand for electric vehicles in a European market estimated at 400 GWh by 2030, i.e. 15 times the current market.
  • Ensure industrial independence in Europe for the conception and manufacture of batteries, with an initial capacity of 8 GWh, reaching a cumulative capacity of 48 GWh on both sites by 2030. It will represent 1 million electric vehicles produced per year, i.e. more than 10% of the European market.
  • Position ACC as a major competitive player in supplying electric vehicle manufacturers.

This project benefits from the financial support of French and German public authorities representing €1.3 billion. It received the European institutions agreement through an IPCEI project that testifies to the strategic importance of mobility for the energy transition. The whole project will mobilize an investment more than €5 billion investment.

Image courtesy of PSA, Future pilot site (Nérac – France)

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