GM Showcasing 2017 Chevy Bolt (Production Version) At CES In January

The production version of the 2017 Chevy Bolt will be making an appearance at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas at the beginning of January, according to recent reports.

Considering that the show begins on January 6, 2016, what that means is that we won’t have to wait very long to get a very clear look at what the production version of the 200-mile electric vehicle (EV) will actually look like.


The news is coming to us via GM Executive Vice President Mark Reuss, as part of comments made at the ongoing Los Angeles Auto Show.

The website provides more:

General Motors has learned lessons from the Chevy Volt’s engineering, as well as the limited-market Spark EV, along with numerous other R&D exercises, and the Bolt is poised to raise the bar substantially. In October GM said it’s due to go into production some time later in 2016 but many specific details are still outstanding. Chevrolet has told us it aims for a true 200-mile EPA rating. Word has it this may be improved upon, but time will tell.

Selling price is targeted to come in at a net sub-$30,000 after $7,500 federal tax credit. In states like California and elsewhere that have state subsidies, the Bolt may be priced in line with a Toyota Prius after all incentives are accounted for.

I’m looking forward to the launch of the Chevy Bolt perhaps even a bit more than I am the launch of the Tesla Model 3. It really seems a tossup at this point how it will perform sales-wise. Will it be embraced by the masses? Or is there too much psychological inertia on the matter for that to happen?

5 thoughts on “GM Showcasing 2017 Chevy Bolt (Production Version) At CES In January

  1. should be easy choice, after gigafactory is finished Tesla will be 100% american made not sure if you can say the same thing about the chevy

    1. Much of Bolt is LG (Korea). Being american made is non-issue. For example, I wouldn’t buy american made car from late 1970’s to mid 1980’s with their awful quality. Tesla will be better (hopefully).

      In same way, I won’t buy any Harley of today; they sell “american made” to push overpriced, underperforming geriatric bikes. Germans and Italians wised up, but not Harley. I miss Buell…

    2. As long as the Chevy BOLT including batteries and motor are manufactured in the USA, I’m not concerned if LG gets a piece of the pie. If the battery pack and motor are built in Korea, I’ll wait and buy 2 Tesla Model 3’s instead of only 1. In the end, I will support USA workers and am not concerned if the 1% get their multi-million dollar bonuses or not.
      What’s that saying “I am my brothers keeper”

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