Geely Emgrand GSe is released in China for 119,800 RMB

Geely Emgrand GSe

On the 9th of June Geely will launch in China the Geely Emgrand GSe, which is an electric version of its internal combustion engine Emgrand GS. The estimated starting price after subsidies has been reported as 119,800 Yuan ($18,740) for the base model to 145,800 Yuan ($22,807) for the full package.

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As with many electric cars this is not built from the ground up to be electric it is a redesign of the Emgrand GS so apart from a few minor difference and the design language being updated to indicate its electric (closed grill and blue highlights) it is a Emgrand GS.

It is reported that it will have a 163 (120 KWh) horsepower electric motor. The lithium-ion battery pack gives the GSe a 350km (217 miles) range on average.

The exterior of the car has mostly been left unchanged apart from the open grill getting replaced by a closed grill with the Emgrand styling. The car does come in five colours, white, brownish gold, orange, blue and red. The five colour options is more than other electric SUV’s available in China and is a welcome change.

As mentioned above the Geely Emgrand GSe is a remodel of the existing Geely Emgrand GS its body size, length and width (4440/1833/1560mm) with a wheelbase of 2700mm makes it pretty standard for the Chinese domestic small SUV category. The general design is modern but also somewhat standard for China, the biggest benefits come from its electric power train.

The interior of the Geely Emgrand GSe is a standard fare with grey plastic throughout and with little changed from the Geely Emgrand GS. The main changes in the GSe are the options and equipment it has a plastic knob replacing the gear leaver, an upgraded air filter to combat PM2.5, updated voice controls and wireless charging which is an interesting addition but nothing game changing.

A interesting aspect of the Geely Emgrand GSe is the ability to use it as a power source, to charge other cars or equipment, an interesting addition I have not seen in other cars in China. This feature would be a good addition to a electric pick-up truck or electric van.


The Geely Emgrand GSe is a good addition to the Chinese electric fleet and Geely Emgrand EV lineup, adding to an already large selection of electric cars. The styling is modern and very standard for China, the range of the car is good and SUV’s are getting increasing popular choice of car in China and the world, the price is compelling after incentives compared to the other electric SUV on the market. The GSe fits into an ongoing trend of EV SUVs in China. This car has been listed in China and I advise people keep an eye on its sales going forward as it might be very popular.

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