Frankentrike — Indiegogo Campaign For Electric Bicycle With Huge Cargo Capacity

If you don’t want a car, but still want a means of transportation that possesses some substantial cargo capacity to it, what’re you to do? A cargo bike is always an option of course — though, not everyone enjoys peddling uphill in them. So, how about an electric-assist cargobike with some substantial battery capacity to it?

Something along those lines is currently being developed…. And has been dubbed a “Frankentrike” by those behind it. Probably, in particular, by the founder Segue Fischlin (just a guess). There’s currently an Indiegogo campaign fundraiser for the project which runs for about a month longer.


The Frankentrike will apparently possess Crystalyte 36V dual-drive motors, allowing for a top speed of 23 to 25 mph; a flexible and upgradable battery-pack arrangement; Magura dual redundant hydraulic system brakes; and many other features (including GPS tracking equipment, and an optional canopy).

Here’s more via the Indiegogo campaign page:

Introducing the Frankentrike, a human-powered, electric-assist all-purpose tricycle. A Frankentrike makes for an ideal personal vehicle solution to meet most urban transport needs. In the US 73% of all vehicle trips are under 10 miles in distance. This is a range within which this vehicle can often transport you door to door faster than on 2 or 4 wheels.

…A Frankentrike gets over 900 MPGe, making them 18x more energy-efficient than a Prius. This means that no matter how your electricity is being generated, your carbon imprint is infinitessimally small. Being essentially an overgrown bicycle, you also have the option to PEDAL. This empowerment allows you to exercise while getting from one place to the next. It also means you’re never stuck. No matter how low your ‘fuel tank’ is, you can always get to where you need to go.

…Why add all this complexity to your life? Two answers: Enjoyment and savings. I spend about 1/6 of what the average car owner spends on transportation yearly, including Frankentrike maintenance, vehicle rentals, taxi services and transit.

The campaign page has a lot (for those interested), and offers a number of different investment tiers with different “perks.” It should be noted here that the campaign page estimates a final retail pricing of $13,000 to $17,000. So, not a cheap upfront price — though, “fuel” costs will of course be minimal compared to a car.

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