First Tesla Model S P100D Deliveries Next Week?

Tesla p100dAre the first Tesla Model S P100D deliveries going to begin next week? Have they already begun?

A recent post on the Tesla Motors Club forum by “DavidP100DL” seems to suggest that they may have already begun, or will very shortly, as he’s apparently slated to receive his next week.

Here’s his full comment on the matter:


So I ordered my car and was waiting to go into production when Tesla announced the P100DL. I immediately called my delivery advisor who gave me the instructions on how to get on the upgrade list.
I just got this email (truncated) today.

‘… just received an update that your Model S is in the final stages of leaving the factory, and the even better news was, because we caught your production just by the hair of our chin, the factory was able to build your Model S with the 100 kWh battery completed!!’

So while I doubt I’m actually first and have no way of proving what number I am, surely I’m at the start of the line. Wonder how they will handle my window sticker. Will find out soon.

Where does that email say “next week,” you ask? Nowhere, but a further comment revealed that a delivery specialist told him: “This is great news and it means you will be 0-60 in 2.5 seconds as early as next week!”

Not a bad turnaround on Tesla’s part — announce it one week and then release it the next one. A much better situation for those interested in getting one than the situation for Model 3 reservation holders. …

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