Dubai Resident Receives His Tesla Model X… (Pictures)

Now that Tesla Model X production has begun ramping up, even some people living as far afield as Dubai have begun to receive their cutting-edge, top-of-the-line electric SUVs. With regard to the proud new Model X owner in Dubai — Fares Almazrooei — he was nice enough to post some pictures, and a bit of an explanation on how exactly he was able to receive his Model X so fast, despite being so far from the US.

Model x Dubai

Here’s a bit from his comments on the forum:

Hi Model X Owners,
Just got the Model X in Dubai and had to refill the AC gas and calibrated the passenger window.
i have to be honest if you pay attention the door rubbers and window Rubbers, as if they cut it with scissors or razor blades.
and the doors needs to be adjusted to line them up, they are mm off.
looks like they are really in hurry to make them and wish the quality control should pay more attention
but overall what a car i love it.

He also commented that the window calibration was done with the help of a Tesla employee (presumably remotely). And also that the Model X was shipped to Dubai by Emirates Skycargo.

i really have to thank for the transparency and the team over in GA

He also posted a picture showing the text accompanying the most recent firmware update (v7.1). Interesting wording in the “Autosteer: New Safety Restriction” section…

Tesla v7.1 update

With regard to reservation holders in the European and Asian markets, you’ve got to bet that many are starting to get a bit impatient. As we reported recently, though, Chinese reservation holders are likely to start receiving theirs in only few months. While those in Europe will have to wait a bit longer than that.

Let’s just hope no one with entitlement issues decides to smash their Model X up for not receiving it quickly enough.

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