Chinese Model X Reservation Holders Now Being Invited To Configure Vehicles

Tesla Model X reservation holders in China have begun to receive emails inviting them to configure their vehicles, according to recent reports.

The company is apparently now aiming to begin shipping Model Xs to Chinese reservation holders by June — which means, interestingly, that the Chinese market is seemingly being prioritized over the European one.

Model X White

Not too surprising considering that the Chinese auto market is now the largest in the world. On a side note, it just occurred to me that the fancy high-end HEPA filtration system in the Model X is probably intended to be a major selling point in that market, and one of the main reasons for the system’s inclusion — owing to the extreme levels of air pollution in many of the country’s urban areas. Considering that most wealthy Chinese now utilize high-end air filtration systems in their homes, why wouldn’t they want them in their vehicles as well? Perhaps I’m a bit late to the party here, and this has long been obvious to everyone else. πŸ™‚

The commenter “maoing” on the Tesla Motors Club forum was kind enough to translate some key points from a recent article written in Chinese:

Model X news from China:
1) China reservation holders getting invited for configuraiton;
2) Tesla will provide Signature P90D to China customers with price tag about $225K; (there was no signature model S for China customers)
3) Pricing: Signature P90D — 1,479,500 RMB (~$225,000); 90D — 961,000 to 1,171,800 RMB (~$146,000 to ~$178,000

Interesting news. I wonder if the company figures that there’s no real hurry with deliveries to the European market since its market presence is relatively more developed there than in China?

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