Daimler Working On New Dedicated Architecture For EVs, Global Debut At Paris Motor Show

Daimler is currently working on a new, dedicated electric vehicle platform architecture to be debuted later this year at the Paris Motor Show, according to a recent press release.

Electric vehicles (EVs) based on the new architecture will reportedly feature all-electric ranges of up to 500 kilometers (~310 miles) per charge. (Note that this is a range estimate for the NEDC, which is unrealistic. The EPA-rated range will be much lower.) The first vehicle based on the architecture will reportedly be launched before the end of the decade.


The press release from Daimler provides more:

When implementing this into series production, Mercedes-Benz is not only benefiting from its internal development and production expertise but also from the group’s multi-model series modular strategy for alternative drive systems and direct access to key components for electromobility. The highly efficient lithium ion battery supplied by Daimler’s subsidiary Deutsche ACCUMOTIVE combined with the intelligent Mercedes-Benz operation strategy allows purely battery-driven ranges of up to 500 km for the first time.

Rapid charging using the Combined Charging System (CCS), which is being incorporated into this innovative vehicle for the first time, makes charging and operation as convenient as possible. Mercedes-Benz is thus offering a fully fledged electric vehicle in the luxury segment that does not cut any corners – heralding a new era of e-mobility. The global debut will take place at the Paris Motor Show, and the market launch is planned by the end of the decade.


“Heralding a new era of e-mobility” — hmm….

Prof Dr Thomas Weber, a Member of the Daimler Board of Management, Group Research and Mercedes-Benz Cars Development, commented: “Our road map has been clearly defined. In addition to hybridized vehicle models and vehicles powered by fuel cells, we are now taking the next step and using a dedicated vehicle architecture for purely battery-driven vehicles. We are investing heavily in electromobility, and we are convinced that the market is now ready. With the new vehicles we offer, we want to impress the benefits of the new mobility on car owners who have not yet opted for an electric vehicle.”

2 thoughts on “Daimler Working On New Dedicated Architecture For EVs, Global Debut At Paris Motor Show

  1. The Mercedes P.R. department is displaying hubris on a level I have not seen before…

    I’m very happy they are developing EVs but to promote themselves with such ego-stroking arrogance just puts me off…

    I’ll take a Model X and a McLaren eP1 (or whatever their EV will be called)…

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