Charging Your Model 3 With Solar Panels

Charging A Tesla Model 3 With A Solar Trailer

Sean Callaghan from ItsYeBoi on YouTube demonstrated that charging a Model 3 with a solar trailer is possible. He bought his solar panels on Wish, the eCommerce store that often dominates Facebook ads with odd things. The goal was simply to charge his Tesla. The solar trailer cost him $2,500 to build.

“Elon, please, notice me,” he says after explaining that he is making the world’s first solar trailer. The original plan was to put the solar panels directly on his Model 3, but the Wish panels couldn’t do this. He did find someone who could make it happen without a trailer, but this video is about the trailer. He uses 100 watt Dokio Solar Panels DFSP. The panels are flexible — they bend.

After building the trailer and fitting the panels to them, he explains how it works. He sets up the solar charge controllers and connects the batteries to the controllers. The solar panels send power to the solar charge controllers, which send power to the batteries. The batteries send power to the inverter, which sends power to the Tesla. “I drive. Yay.”

The next step was to install a tow bar onto the Tesla and connect it to the trailer. “Will this work? I don’t know, but we’re gonna find out.” After hooking it up, he went for a drive around the parking lot and parked it in the sun. He checked that it was working by charging his phone, and then tested a coffee maker, making solar-powered coffee — coffee made with sunlight! After the coffee adventures, they plugged the Tesla in to charge it. It worked! It would take 11 hours and some change to fully charge, according to the Tesla. That’s pretty cool.

My 2.5¢

I think the way the video was presented was pretty funny. Sean was engaging and I thought it was pretty interesting seeing the coffee maker plugged into a solar trailer that he built from scratch and got working as desired. Personally, I prefer the old-school coffee makers because I need my coffee to be really, really strong. As in, I fill up the filter to the top with coffee grounds. Cut that bitterness with hot milk and sugar and you have the perfect café au lait.

As for charging the Tesla, this would be a great idea for those going on long road trips who need to charge their car during the day, or if going to an area without charging stations. However, having other charging options would definitely be smart just in case you need them. All in all, this is a pretty fun video that has me wanting coffee at one something in the morning.  Charging a Model 3 with solar panels is definitely possible and fun. Elon, please notice Sean!

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