Carbon Pricing Awareness Raffle — Win A Tesla!

Those of you wanting to take part in a raffle for one of Tesla’s vaunted electric vehicles now have yet another opportunity to do so, following the announcement of a new raffle from Climate XChange*. The proceeds will be going towards a good cause, it should be noted — with the money raised set to be used to spread awareness of potential carbon pricing efforts to limit the effects of anthropogenic climate change.

Given the incredible lack of accurate public knowledge on the matter right now, I’d say that it might be worth it to many of you to support the raffle and help spread awareness — and maybe even win a brand new Tesla Model S or Model X!


It should probably be stated up front (for those worried) that the raffle prize is actually $110,450 in funds to be used to purchase the new Tesla, rather than the Tesla itself, accompanied by $36,730 in funds to cover the taxes that you’ll owe if you win. Thus, you don’t stand the chance of winning and not being able to cover your tax liability — as is the case quite often with car raffles. The raffle win also includes a free home charger + installation.

Model-S-raffleThis all sounds pretty good, but you know what the best part is? There will only be 2,000 raffle tickets sold — a 1 in 2,000 chance of winning a brand new Tesla is really not a bad deal at all.

So, to provide a quick overview of what carbon pricing is (and thus the purpose of the raffle) — the idea is basically that the hidden costs of fossil fuel use should be factored into business operations. Or, to put it another way, businesses should be liable for (at least some of) their effects on the wider environment. And that’s all that carbon pricing really is, a means of making businesses pay for the effects of their fossil fuel use (specifically, carbon dioxide emissions and the human harm and physical damage they cause). Climate XChange is specifically working to promote the adoption of carbon pricing in the state of Massachusetts.

There are a couple of other prizes up for grabs as well, other than “merely” the Tesla. So, give the raffle website a good look, and purchase a ticket if any of this seems important to you. πŸ™‚

*Full disclosure: This article has been kindly sponsored by Climate XChange. Also, Climate XChange has no affiliation with or sponsorship by Tesla Motors Company.

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