BMW i8 Draws Some Stares In Helsinki (Funny GoPro Video)

The BMW i8 was used as a bit of an attention grabber in a recent GoPro-shot video from the startup company Scrooge — filmed in Helsinki, Finland.

The video is a bit funny, I guess, showing all sorts of double-takes, staring, and even a guy nearly dropping his camera — all of which is revealed to have been the result of a BMW i8 plug-in hybrid (PHEV)… with a funny little sticker on its window.

It’s probably worth a watch for those who are fans of the rather interesting looking BMW PHEV sports car. Or those who are curious to see what the capital of Finland looks like.

I’m a bit curious now to see if the BMW i8 would get such varied looks in a cosmopolitan city, like, say, Paris? Or London?

I’d also be rather interested in seeing a video like this showcasing people’s reactions to the “falcon doors” on the Tesla Model X SUV opening up… I bet that would be interesting. Or perhaps even a video showcasing a Tesla driving itself without anyone in it….

Those interested in reading more about the BMW i8 PHEV are welcome to these articles here:

(Tip of the hat here to “kip” on the official BMW i Forum — known as “The Circuit” — for this.)

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