BMW i3s Being Used For Cash Pickup Service In Poland

In addition to now being used as police cars in a number of different cities and regions (Bavaria in Germany, Los Angeles in the US, and London in the UK), BMW’s electric models are now being used as cash pickup service vehicles in Poland, according to a recent press release.

To be more specific, the Capital of Poland, Warsaw, is now home to the “Polish Idea Bank” — which is, essentially, simply a cash pickup service open to business owners in the city, one which can reportedly be requested simply with a dedicated smartphone app.

BMw i3 idea bank

Here’s more information, taken from the press release:

The BMW i3 is also conquering unusual business areas. The latest example is the Polish Idea Bank, which uses the BMW i3 in Warsaw for a pick-up service that is uncommon in the banking business. Shop owners are able to request via an app the BMW i3 in use as a security car to pay in their daily takings conveniently, directly and in front of their own shop door.

…The range of equipment also includes a preliminary setup for digital radio. Moreover, thanks to a permanently installed SIM card, it is possible to make use of intelligent networking technology inside the BMW i3 to make work easier for emergency personnel. The ConnectedRescue system, which is based on BMW Connected Drive, offers the optional possibility of transmitting from the control centre to the vehicle all important information – including address, reason for assignment and contact person – clearly and intuitively operable and readable. The transmitted target coordinates or addresses can directly serve the navigation system’s route guidance, meaning that manual input of the navigation destination is no longer required. In this way, transmission errors are eliminated. The driver can concentrate fully on the traffic whilst the team prepares directly for the assignment.

I’m pretty curious how this actually works. The photo posted above is pretty interesting looking… I know that we have a number of readers in Poland — are any of them business owners who would consider using the service?

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