Tesla’s Elon Musk Made The Day Of An Austin Restaurant Owner: “Elon Musk in my restaurant — my hero!”

Kevin Le, the owner of 1618 Asian Fusion restaurant in Austin, Texas, was in the middle of a staff meeting in his office when he found out that Elon Musk was dining at his restaurant. Spectrum […]

Elon Musk’s Thoughts On Lack Of Tesla Battery Day Media Coverage Echo My Own

In a new interview on the podcast Sway, Elon Musk shared his thoughts about A.I. and several other things. Although the main topic was centered around A.I., Elon pointed out something all too familiar: the lack of media coverage of important events. It seems that when something is really important, the media, generally speaking, tends to ignore it or look away. This is not me bashing the media, but pointing out a flaw that should be corrected.

Elon Musk’s Stance On UBI & Stimulus Checks Is Right, But Sheds Light On A Dark Societal System In America

Elon Musk shared his thoughts on Friday on Twitter about universal basic income (UBI) and another stimulus check from the US government. Combining tweets that were made sequentially, he wrote, “Another government stimulus package is not […]

Imagine This Headline: “Tesla Lost $1.9 Billion.” Replace “Tesla” With “Daimler.”

Imagine this headline for a moment: “Tesla Lost $1.9 Billion.” Now replace it with this one: “Daimler Lost Only $1.9 Billion Nothing To See Here.” Yes, that second one is an actual headline. It concerned Daimler’s […]