Assorted Tesla News Via Elon Musk’s Twitter

Tesla CEO Elon Musk seems to have no reservations about openly sharing company plans and strategies via Twitter, and as a result, we often get quite a lot of “news” directly from his Twitter feed. Here are some things that he’s shared recently via that platform that seem worth covering. Enjoy.

Tesla Is Headed To Mexico

When queried about the company’s plans for Mexico, Musk confirmed that the plan is to launch in the country in the near future, following the development of charging infrastructure there.

… Followed by A Gradual Move Into Central & South America

The entry into Mexico will apparently be followed by a slow move into the Central and South American markets as well.

Tesla Building Factory In China Due To Prohibitively High Import Duties

This one really speaks for itself.

That Said… A Gigafactory Is Likely To Be Built In India At Some Point

And Last, But Certainly Not Least, Model 3 Could Also Be Built In China In 3-ish Years

As Tesla Model 3 production ramps up, it is logical to build the cars closer to customers in Asia and Europe. That is apparently the plan.

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