Arrival Zero-Emission Bus Reimagines Public Transportation for a New Normal

  • Arrival’s Integrated Public Transportation Ecosystem includes buses, cars for sharing, taxis, delivery robots, charging infrastructure, Microfactories and digital services, helping cities meet net-zero emissions targets
  • The Arrival Bus is an important element of this ecosystem, elevating the public transportation experience and ensuring strong economic benefits that reduce the reliance on government subsidies.

Arrival has invented a unique assembly technology to produce all the vehicles in its portfolio from Microfactories – deployable worldwide to serve local communities, pay local taxes and support retention of local talent.

Arrival Bus Launch Interior


17 June 2020, London, UK.

Arrival, one of the UK’s largest unicorns, today revealed a zero-emission bus that will transform the public transport industry at a time when it is facing its biggest challenges.

The recent pandemic has highlighted just how essential public transport is to communities around the world and Arrival’s Bus is the tool cities need as they adapt to a new normal whilst striving to make bus travel appealing, sustainable and financially viable.

Designed with an exceptional passenger experience front of mind, the Arrival Bus is equipped with features that promote a positive perception of public transportation and create an environment evoking a sense of space, cleanliness and wellbeing in a world with a heightened awareness of hygiene and personal space.

Arrival’s core focus is to make your every-day experience radically better, whether that is your daily journey on an Arrival Bus, or through your work as a driver delivering parcels from an Arrival Van. We are working with cities to make every touchpoint within the urban transportation ecosystem not only better, but also more equitable and sustainable. Recent events have made it clear the world needs to take action now in order to improve lives and effect real change.

Kwame Nyanning, Chief of Experience at Arrival

As Arrival partners with governments and cities to create an Integrated Public Transport ecosystem that supports their net-zero emission goals, the company is also developing cars for sharing, taxis, buses, delivery robots, charging stations, Microfactories and digital services that enable ‘best in class’ public transport without the need for subsidies. This is possible because Arrival’s solutions are intelligently designed, with the Arrival Bus priced the same as a fossil fuel equivalent and realizing even greater savings over its lifetime.

The Arrival Bus will be produced in local Microfactories which are designed to be capable of assembling all vehicles from Arrival’s portfolio. These Microfactories support the creation of market-specific products and will regenerate regional economies through the use of local supply chains, retention of talent and payment of local taxes.

Arrival Bus Launch


Arrival Bus Launch Interior, Arrival Bus Reimagines Public Transportation for a New Normal

Images Courtesy of Arrival

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