Aral to build more than 100 Ultra-Fast Charging Points at retail sites in Germany

Bochum, 24 July 2020 – Aral, bp’s market leading fuel retail brand in Germany, is set to invest in a network of ultra-fast charging infrastructure across the country. Following a successful 12-month pilot project at five of its retail sites, Aral plans to roll out more than 100 charging points across its retail network in Germany over the next 12 months.

At Aral, our aim is to be the fuel provider of choice, whether drivers need electric charging or liquid fuels. As the market leader in the German filling station business, we are an ideal point of contact for convenient and reliable ultra-fast charging on the go,” says Aral CEO Patrick Wendeler.

The Aral chargers will be self-operated, powered by 100% green energy[1], with a charging capacity of up to 350kW, otherwise known as ultra-fast chargers (UFCs). A vehicle with the appropriate battery technology can be charged for a range of up to 350 km in just over ten minutes.

The first phase of the roll-out will see chargers installed and connected at about 30 Aral sites, mainly those located by motorways, trunk roads and at metropolitan sites. Each retail site will offer two chargers with two charging points, allowing up to four electric vehicles to charge at a time.

“With our five pilot stations, we were able to gain valuable experience over the past year which is now being incorporated into our future planning. We plan to integrate the chargers into the heart of our retail sites, while improving directions on site and providing a roof for electric vehicle charging where possible,” explains Patrick Wendeler.

Construction and commissioning in the second half of the year

The next two charging stations due to go live in the coming weeks are Wuppertal (North Rhine-Westphalia) and Wollin (Brandenburg). The exact order of commissioning of the other retail stations will depend, among other factors, on the expansion of the grid. In the long term, Aral has identified potential to build ultra-fast charging stations at several hundred locations.

Various payment options are available for customers using Aral’s ultra-fast chargers, including via credit card terminal or mobile website using a QR code, or via the Hubject app or through their Aral Fuel & Charge card for business customers. From 2021, Aral will also offer its own e-mobility app for payments.

Comprehensive Aral Fuel & Charge offer for business customers

Business customers can pay with their Aral Fuel & Charge card, allowing those with a commercial fleet to receive a flexible and comprehensive offer that includes both electric vehicle charging as well as conventional fuels. They can access more than 10,000 charging points and receive wall charging stations for home and workplace.

[1] 100% certified renewable energy

Image courtesy of BP

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