American Lung Assoc, Environmental Groups, Autos & More Urge Mass to Take Action on Electric Vehicles

CleanTechnica and EV Obsession recently received an email regarding a clean air story from the American Lung Assoc, Environmental Groups, auto companies, & more who are urging more action toward electric vehicles in Massachusetts in order to cut air pollution and provide cleaner air for its residents and tourists.

Even as the Obama administration takes action in Washington, DC, states (such as my home state of Florida) need to implement their own health initiatives, and help everyone to afford zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs), or at least the capability to ride in them. Massachusetts has been chiming in, but more could be done.


The email noted: “Transitioning to a zero emissions transportation system is critical to the health, safety, and economic opportunity for Massachusetts citizens — Let’s Get It Started.”


The American Lung Association and a diverse coalition of environmental groups, automakers, electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment manufacturers, and business groups are propelling Massachusetts legislators to protect critical provisions related to ZEVs in the state’s Omnibus Energy Bill.

In a letter to members of the conference committee negotiating the final energy bill to be sent to the governor, these groups urge legislators to keep eight provisions from the Senate version of the bill that focus on promoting the use of electric and other zero-emission vehicles and the construction of a robust EV charging infrastructure in the state. These provisions include:

  • Requiring the Commonwealth to lead by example by including 25% ZEVs in its fleet
  • Fair access requirements for EV charging
  • Requiring new buildings to be EV charging ready
  • Study HOV access for ZEV vehicles


Class action suits regarding global warming and fumes / bad air (severe carcinogenic factors) are popping up across the US and the world.

The famous ’60s mega character who suffered from a lack of moral compass, Don Draper (in Mad Men) — see: “Why I Am Quitting Tobacco” — ended up suffering a crisis of conscience about clean air. He followed through. Draper jeopardized his livelihood by dropping the advertising of cigarettes. Similar to what people did with cigarette companies, citizens need to realize that all lives are compromised and cut short by the constant fumes we breathe walking, bicycling, and driving.

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