A Tesla Model S Raffle To Help Underprivileged Youth


All across America, states and cities are cutting their education budgets, often in schools that are already desperately strapped for cash. This puts millions of young entrepreneurs and community leaders at risk of not living up to their full potential. The goal of the Messner Foundation is to identify and assist these underprivileged students and guide them towards fulfilling careers.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Messner Reeves LLC., the Messner Foundation is holding an auction for a well-equipped Tesla Model S, which means this is your chance to own this high-tech electric car for as little as $200, the cost of a single raffle ticket. A month of driving and you’ll already break even on your investment! With 5,000 tickets, the odds of winning big are better than your typical state lottery drawing too.

“For twenty years, Messner Reeves has been changing the culture of the legal field. We are proud to work with Tesla and to share the opportunity to win this amazing car with our clients, friends, and employees,” says Corky Messner, founding partner and chief executive officer of Messner Reeves. “Our Tesla S raffle is an opportunity for us to thank our clients and the Denver business community for its support. Now that the raffle tickets are live, we encourage you to purchase at least one!”

Launching any business can be intimidating, and with all the trials the 21st century presents would-be entrepreneurs, from college debt to the complexities of navigating copyright law, any help young people can get is much-needed. The Messner Foundation has focused in particular on finding potential business and community leaders, providing not just scholarship money for a college education, but also guidance and counseling from people who have already gone through the hardships of starting a business. In this way, Messner is helping groom future leaders, some of whom will undoubtedly launch green businesses that will aid in protecting our fragile planet.

As though the cause isn’t worthy enough, there’s also an $85,000 Tesla Model S up for grabs. Loaded with the tech package, panoramic sunroof, Supercharging capabilities, and Nappa leather seats, this well-appointed Model S would be the envy of your neighborhood. Considering some people spend $200 a month just on coffee, I reckon this is one bet worth making. Worst case scenario, you help out some underprivileged kids. Best case scenario? You just bought a Tesla Model S for $200.

That’s a win-win in my book.

This post generously sponsored by The Messner Foundation.

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