Over 9,000 New Nissan LEAF Orders In Japan

Nissan has now received more than 9,000 orders for the new, refreshed all-electric LEAF in Japan, a senior exec revealed on Wednesday at the Tokyo Motor Show. That figure apparently represents demand well above expectations, according to the senior exec in question.

The comments originate with Nissan’s senior vice president and head of Japan operations, Asako Hoshino (as reported by Reuters), so they’re likely fairly accurate as regards expectations, one would think.

While there’s no official information released yet about demand for the refreshed Nissan LEAF in the US market, considering the new specs and the high sales of the currently available, much lower range LEAF, it seems likely that demand will be quite strong. Our EV driver surveys have hinted such as well. From over 2,000 surveys across 26 European countries and 49 of 50 US states, we found strong expectations from existing EV drivers last year that their next car would be a Nissan LEAF (note that the results/chart below was for drivers of non-Tesla fully electric cars).

While the increased maximum range of the new LEAF is likely to be the primary selling point for many, the “improved” (made to look like a “normal” car) appearance and the option to get the company’s new semi-autonomous driving tech system known as ProPILOT will likely drive particularly strong sales.

The new ProPILOT tech just made its US debut in the newest model year of the Nissan Rogue, but will also be made available shortly in a number of other models, including the newly refreshed LEAF.

For more information on Nissan’s new semi-autonomous ProPILOT tech — which allows for fully autonomous single-lane travel when on divided highways, and will eventually allow for fully autonomous functionality — see:

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