2016 Fiat 500e Leasing Options Available For As Low $69/Month

Those living in California who are interested in going electric but don’t have much available money may be interested to learn that some dealerships are offering 2016 Fiat 500e leases for as low as $69 a month.

That’s, of course, $69 a month with a down payment of $4000 — but still, not a bad deal. Those not wanting to pony up a down payment have other options as well — including one for $169 a month, with $0 down.

Fiat 500e

The deals mentioned above are via the Santa Monica Fiat dealership’s website, and are good until January 4, 2016 — though, I’ve spotted similar deals elsewhere as well, so it might be worth looking around before committing.

Torque News provides more info:

As you can see Fiat offers three lease options. According to the first deal you will pay $169 per month. Since the downpayment is $2,500 dollars and it comes with $2,500 rebate, there is zero down. According to the second leas deal you are asked to pay $149 per month. It comes with $2,500 rebate. Downpayment is $3,500, which means you pay $1,000 dollars at signing.

Finally, the third lease option for the 2016 Fiat 500e is $69 dollars per month. According to the last option, you are offered a $2,500 rebate but the down payment is $6,500 dollars. With the rebate you will pay $4,000 dollars at signing and own the car for $69 dollars per month for 36 months.

It comes with 10,000 miles per year and has $0.25 excess mile charge. The MSRP for the 2016 Fiat 500e is $32,795 and dealer installed add-ons are optional. This lease deal expires on 1/04/2016.

Anyone here considering going with such a lease?

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3 thoughts on “2016 Fiat 500e Leasing Options Available For As Low $69/Month

  1. I did the 169/mo at Van Nuys w 2500.00 due at signing and a 2500.00 rebate = effective zero down. The numbers actually work out to be 167.40 base payment + 15.07 sales tax = 182.47 / mo. It took aprox 4 weeks to get the rebate from the state and required filling out a simple form and uploading a photo of the lease agreement and dmv registration. This is on the basic model without sunroof or metallic paint (i got the baby blue color). It is still fully loaded with all the nice amenities- heated seats, navigation, voice command, satellite radio, power mirrors, etc. if you want a metallic color ie orange, or sunroof it’ll cost aprox 10.00 more/mo.

    The car is imo, one of the nicest driving of all the affordable ev’s. It doesn’t suffer from any weird draggy, mushy, regenerative braking feel like most do. Doesn’t come cluttered with half a dozen ‘economy’ driving modes (ie leaf, i3, Mercedes b-class etc) just a really responsive fun driving car. It will easily burn rubber if you hammer it, it’s dead quiet, extremely smooth acceleration with no shift points, and it has a full tank every morning!

  2. In March 2015, I leased a 500e from Glendale Fiat. Wrote a check for $3000, of which $2500 will be reimbursed by the state. The remaining $500 is tax, title, license, and first month’s payment. I got the $1000 lease conquest rebate because I am currently leasing a car from another manufacturer. Monthly payments are $98.22. Another great perk is 504 credits (roughly 12 days) of free rental car from Alamo, National, or Enterprise. How could I pass it up?
    As of April 2016, the rental car perk is no longer included in current lease deals, but the lease conquest still applies – and it can be a lease for any competitor (not Dodge/Chrysler/Fiat/Jeep). Also, there are now income eligibility requirements to receive the CA state rebate. Filing single over $250k/year or jointly over $500k/year makes you ineligible to receive the $2500 rebate.
    If you don’t have a lease conquest, you can put more money up front or bundle it into the monthly payments – roughly $30/mo.

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