VIA Motors Launching Extended-Range EV Voucher Program For Chicago-Area Fleet + Business Owners

A new extended-range electric vehicle (EV) voucher program for fleet + business owners in the Chicago area was recently unveiled by VIA Motors — with the stated intention of reducing the initial costs associated with purchasing one (or more) of its units.

The voucher program applies to the EV company’s extended-range pickup trucks, passenger vans, and electric cargo vans — which are all currently being sold under the VTRUX brand name.


To provide some more-specific information here, the new Drive Clean Chicago voucher program is available to those located within the DuPage, Kane, Cook, McHenry, Lake, and Will, counties. There are actually 3 different voucher options available — there’s a $41,200 voucher available for the Extended Range Electric Pickup; there’s a $39,460 voucher available for the Extended Range Electric Passenger Van; and there’s a $42,892 voucher available for the Extended Range Electric Cargo Van.

Something that’s very much worth noting here is that these extended-range offerings from VIA Motors are already eligible for the $7,500 Federal Tax Incentive — which means that when the voucher and tax incentives are combined, most fleet or business owners will be in the position to purchase one of the extended-range vehicles for roughly the same upfront price of a conventional one.

When you add in the substantial operational savings of such vehicles, that really makes this deal look rather attractive, doesn’t it? It’s actually a no-brainer. I’ll be very interested to see how this new voucher program plays out — I suppose that it’ll say quite a lot about the future prospects of VIA Motors.

Image Credit: VIA Motors

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